A Drive That Taught Me A Lesson

Let me narrate to you the story of my recent bike ride to the hills of Yelagiri. It was Saturday noon when I left Bangalore with a friend and headed towards Yelagiri. The weather was a little humid and we were confident that the 170 km ride would be peaceful, keeping in mind the heavy downpour in the city since a couple of days. We were just about to complete 10 kms when it started to rain. Although the rain was not heavy, it was enough to slow our pace and completely drench us. A couple of minutes later, we were driving at the Electronics City flyover and the rain was ferocious. However, we did not stop our ride and continued. We reached Hosur town in about 15 minutes and by this time, the rain had stopped and it was a bit sunny. The weather remained the same till Krishnagiri, about 45 kms from Hosur, and our clothes were partially dried. After taking a few minutes break at Krishnagiri, we headed to our destination, which was another 90 kms away now. We had covered just a few kilome…

The Deep Work Experience

It was the summer of 2017 and my days were packed with multiple things. Co-organizing a Summer Camp for kids with my friends was one of the major work those days. There were regular meetings in the evenings and I would often work for the Summer Camp preparation in between office hours too. There was always a challenge to shift between multiple works and sometimes perform multiple tasks simultaneously. In simple terms – “Life was messed up”.
Thankfully, it was during this time I came across the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport through a super-voracious (literally) reader friend. Implementing the techniques suggested in the book not only helped me in successfully organizing the Summer Camp, but it also gave me a direction to manage my personal work efficiently.
First, please keep in mind that this is not a book review. I am just sharing a few of my experiences after implementing the techniques of Deep Work.
Not going into the technical definition of Deep Work given in the book, in my…

This Is Me

Introducing myself has always been a tough job for me. For some of my acquaintances, I am a Teacher; for some, I am an Origami Artist; for some, I am an Activist; some know me as a Writer; and a few recognize me as an Amateur Astronomer. There are some awkward moments when people call me an Engineer, just because of my higher education in Engineering.
From trying out and learning new things to getting bored frequently with one kind of a job, it has always been tough for me to relate with one profession or interest. Thankfully, I am not the only one in this world with this weird character. People who suffer with this non-specialization outlook are termed as “Multipotentialites”.
Yes, that is right. I am a Multipotentialite!
Through this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts about issues and ideas that I come across. You will find content relating to different subjects here and not on one theme or topic. In fact, this blog is just like me, a Multipotentialite.
Keep Reading! Keep Growing